Yelloweye Mullet Harvest Value

Harvest Value

Harvest values are provided for a variety of commonly caught species in Tasmanian fisheries. These values represent the imputed total value from fisher and processor records by product form.

Harvest value follows a different methodology to official estimates of landed value (Gross Value of Production, GVP). In the case of harvest value, price per kilogram by product form (‘live’, ‘whole’, etc.) is determined from processor records, and this is used to calculate a catch-weighted average value for reported catches (by species) from fishing logbook records.

As such harvest values should be treated as an indication of the landed value for a particular fish, but not the final estimation for this.  

Furthermore, harvest values should not be used in isolation to represent economic benefits for commercially caught species, since economic benefit is derived from net revenue which also deducts the costs of fishing (e.g., fuel, bait, and time).