Banded Morwong Recreational Fishery

Recreational Fishery

Banded Morwong are a relatively minor component of the recreational fishery in Tasmania. The most recent survey in 2017/18 estimated the recreational landings of Banded Morwong at 2 tonnes (1,522 fish), making up slightly more than 5% of the total catch (commercial + recreational) during that season (Lyle et al. 2019). A total of 298 individuals were estimated as retained in the 2012/13 recreational fishing survey of Lyle et al. (2014b), equating to a total harvest of 0.5 tonnes, or around 1% of the total Banded Morwong landings for that year. An estimated 1,082 Banded Morwong were retained in 2010 (Lyle and Tracey 2012), representing almost 4% of total Banded Morwong landings in that year. No species-specific catch estimates for Banded Morwong were available in the two previous recreational fishing survey reports (Lyle 2005, Lyle et al. 2009).