Snook Catch MSY

Catch-MSY Results

Catch-MSY results based on the assumption of “low” resilience suggest that Snook biomass could be depleted/depleting (Figure 1), with estimated catch and harvest rates having frequently exceeded corresponding sustainable limits in the past (Ftarget = 0.12; MSY = 6.73) (Figure 2, Figure 3). Median estimates of biomass depletion peaked at 28% of unfished levels in 2018/19 (lower 90% CI = 10%), with estimates of depletion at 30% of unfished levels in 2019/20 (lower 90% CI = 9%) (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Trends in estimated biomass depletion (biomass divided by unfished biomass) and associated confidence intervals (CIs). The dotted red line marks a common target reference point, which is the biomass assumed to deliver the maximum sustainable yield (Btarget). The continuous red line marks a limit reference point (Blimit).
Figure 2: Trends in harvest rate and associated confidence intervals (CIs) relative to the estimated target fishery mortality (Ftarget).
Figure 3: Trends in catch relative to the estimated maximum sustainable yield (MSY) and associated confidence intervals (CIs).