Bastard Trumpeter Biology


SpeciesLatridopsis forsteri
Common NameBastard Trumpeter
HabitatExposed reef and sandy bottom
Depth≤ 160 m (Edgar, 2008; May and Maxwell, 1986)
DistributionSydney (New South Wales) to southern South Australia, Tasmania, southern New Zealand (Edgar, 2008)
DietSmall fish, invertebrates (Edgar, 2008)
Stock StructureNo information available
MovementSchooling fish, usually in small numbers; large individuals occur in deeper waters; juveniles tend to remain associated with areas of reef for periods of time (Edgar et al. 2014; Gomon et al. 2008)
M (Natural Mortality)Undetermined
Maximum Age (years)20 (Murphy and Lyle, 1999)
Maximum Length (total length; cm)65 (Edgar, 2008)
Maximum Weight (g)4000 (Edgar, 2008)
Unsexed K (von Bertalanffy growth parameter)0.144 (Gomon et al. 2008; Murphy and Lyle, 1999)
Unsexed t0 (age (years) when length = 0)-2.9
Unsexed L∞ (asymptotic von Bertalanffy length (fork length; cm))59.4
Size at Maturity (fork length (cm) at sexual maturity)45
Age at Maturity (years at sexual maturity)4 (Murphy and Lyle, 1999)
Spawning SeasonLate winter (Murphy and Lyle, 1999)
Early Life HistorySmall juveniles settle from plankton on reefs in large numbers at intervals of several years (Edgar, 2008)
Gillnet Post Release SurvivalHigh: 95-83% depending on gillnet soak time (Lyle et al. 2014)