Scalefish Purple Wrasse MSC-RBF

MSC-RBF Status

84: Pass- Low Risk

The wrasse fishery scored > 80 in the MSC-RBF analysis, passing assessment with low risk of stock damage. The Productivity Susceptibility Analysis showed bluethroat wrasse is a highly productive species with a short generation time and high fecundity. This species is moderately susceptible to capture and damage by the fishery, with high overlap of fishing effort and stock distribution, moderate risk of individuals encountering handlines and traps, and moderate risk of juveniles being captured. The Consequence Analysis showed that, aside from a decline in 2006-07 due to the prohibition of abalone as fish trap bait, CPUE for wrasse has remained relatively stable across the state. Therefore, the stock status and recruitment dynamics of this species are unlikely to be significantly impacted by the fishery.

Productivity Attributes

Average age at maturity1
Average maximum age2
Average maximum size1
Average size at maturity1
Reproductive strategy1
Trophic level3

Susceptibility Attributes

Post-capture mortality3

Consequence Analysis

Vulnerable Subcomponent(s)Score

More information on the Marine Stewardship Council Risk-Based Framework (MSC-RBF) Methodology is available on our MSC-RBF Assessment page: