Vongole Background


The commercial fishery for Vongole (Katelysia scalarina) clams takes place on an inter-tidal sandbar in Ansons Bay, Tasmania. Traditionally, fishing occurred to the north of this zone along the bayhead spit to Shark Bay, and eastwards in the channel towards the sea. However, since 2007, fishing has been restricted to a defined zone within Ansons Bay as a further measure to protect the clam stocks, and birdlife from indirect effects of fishing.

2022 Small Bivalve Assessment: Venus Clam
2021 Small Bivalve Assessment: Flat Oyster
2018 Small Bivalve Assessment: Flat Oyster, Venus Clam & Vongole Clam
2017 Small Bivalve Assessment: Venus Clam & Vongole Clam