Octopus Gloomy Biology

Gloomy Octopus Biology

HabitatRocky reefs and sand habitats in shallow waters, up to 30 m depth.Norman (2000);
Edgar (2008)
DistributionSubtropical eastern Australia and northern New Zealand, increasingly found in Tasmania.Norman (2000)
DietCrustaceans (crabs, lobster) and shellfish (gastropods, bivalves).Norman and Reid (2000); Norman (2000)
Movement and Stock Structure
Natural MortalityUndefined.
Maximum AgeMaximum of 11 months.Ramos et al. (2014)
GrowthMax weight: up to 2.6 kg.
Growth between 49 g to 2.64 kg described by the growth equation: ?=3.385(1−?−0.07642?)3 where W is the weight in kg and t is the age in days. Growth in the field may only be about 40% of growth in aquarium.
Joll (1977, 1983)
MaturitySize-at-50% maturity was 132g for females and 92g for males.
Age at 50% maturity 224 days for females and 188 days for males.
Ramos et al (2015)
Reproductive biologySemelparous (i.e. reproduces only once before dying).
Spawning season undefined but likely all year round.

High fecundity (>250 000 eggs); egg length ~2.2 mm.
Benthic eggs with active breeding by females.
Planktonic hatchlings 2 – 5 mm length settling at 0.3g (8 mm).
Joll (1983)

Ramos et al (2015)