Eastern School Whiting

Eastern School Whiting

pinungana (Fish)
In palawa kani, the language of Tasmanian Aborigines, with thanks to the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre.

Sillago flindersi (Eastern School Whiting)


2021/22 Eastern School Whiting Status (Released March 24)

Summary Eastern School Whiting is a predominantly Commonwealth-managed species that has been classified as “Not overfished nor subject to overfishing” by ABARES in the Fishery Status Reports 2021 (Patterson et al. 2021). It has been classified as Sustainable in the 2020 Status of Australian Fish Stocks Report (Piddocke et al. 2021). Tasmanian catches fluctuate due to market demand, but generally represent only a small proportion of the Commonwealth commercial catch.
Importance Minor
Stock Tasmanian Scalefish Fishery and Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery (Commonwealth)
Indicator(s) Catch, effort and CPUE trends
Managing Jurisdiction Commonwealth


Eastern School Whiting is endemic to south-eastern Australia, from southern Queensland to western Victoria and around Tasmania. This schooling species is associated with sandy habitats and is found in deeper coastal waters as well as coastal lakes and estuaries (Gomon et al. 2008). In Tasmania, Eastern School Whiting is caught primarily using Danish Seine gear in the south of the state. Danish seine fishing operations target either Eastern School Whiting or Flathead (primarily Tiger Flathead) and each target species represents the main by-product species when the other is targeted, leading to opposing trends in catch and effort for Eastern School Whiting and Tiger Flathead. There is a small recreational line fishery for Eastern School Whiting in southern Tasmania.

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