Longsnout Boarfish

Longsnout Boarfish
Pentaceropsis recurvirostris


2020/21 Longsnout Boarfish Status (Released Dec 22)

Stock Status UNDEFINED
Summary Longsnout Boarfish are a by-product species of the gillnet fishery for Banded Morwong, with low catches due to the large minimum legal size. There is insufficient information available to confidently classify this stock.
Importance Minor
Stock Tasmanian Scalefish Fishery
Indicator(s) Catch, effort and CPUE trends
Managing Jurisdiction State (Tasmania)


Longsnout Boarfish is a by-product of gillnetting operations primarily targeting Banded Morwong. Trip limits, the high minimum size limit mean captured Longsnout Boarfish are regularly discarded. The survival rate of released Longsnout Boarfish is high (99.7%) (Lyle et al. 2014). Longsnout Boarfish are reef-associated and inhabit depths of 4–260 m (Edgar 2008). However, a ban on spearing this species means it is unlikely that it is commonly caught by recreational fishers. No data are available for recreational gillnet landings of this species.

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