Scalefish Leatherjacket Biology


SpeciesMonacanthidae (family)
Common NameLeatherjackets
HabitatSeagrass and reefs
Depth≤ 200 m (depending on species) (Edgar, 2008)
DistributionAustralia is the centre of diversity for this family with more than half of the estimated 90 species occuring here, mainly in temperate areas (Edgar, 2008)
DietEpiphytes attached to seagrass, algae, fish flesh, molluscs, crustaceans depending on species. Many species are omnivorous (Froese and Pauly, 2019)
MovementMany species are site-attached (Barrett, 1995a)
M (Natural Mortality)Undetermined for most species (Edgar, 2008)
Maximum Age (years)No information available
Maximum Length (total length; cm)9 – 60 (Edgar, 2008)
Gillnet Post Release SurvivalHigh: 95% (Lyle et al., 2014)