Flat Oyster Status


2021/22 Flat Oyster Status

Stock Status Sustainable
Stock Georges Bay Native Flat Oyster Fishery
Indicator(s) Biomass estimate, recruitment

The native flat oyster fishery is surveyed every two to three years for the purposes of estimating total biomass and assessing fishery status in order to assist with the allocation of quota for the forthcoming fishing years. Stock status of these bivalve fisheries was based on density and size composition data from the most recent surveys, plus consideration of trends in catch and CPUE data.

The low proportion of annual catch to TACC recorded in the native flat oyster fishery since 2008 would suggest that the current level of fishing pressure is unlikely to cause the stock to become recruitment overfished. In accordance with national stock status definitions, this fishery is assessed as sustainable.

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Stock Status Classifications
2022 Small Bivalve Assessment: Venus Clam
2021 Small Bivalve Assessment: Flat Oyster
2018 Small Bivalve Assessment: Flat Oyster, Venus Clam & Vongole Clam
2017 Small Bivalve Assessment: Venus Clam & Vongole Clam