Eastern School Whiting Catch, Effort and CPUE

Catch, Effort and CPUE

Eastern School Whiting landings in Tasmania have fluctuated widely since 1998/99, with an historical peak catch of 54.0 t recorded in 2020/21. Catches from this fishery are influenced by a small number of Danish seine operators, who mostly operate on the southeast coast, in particular in the Derwent Estuary, although the Tamar Estuary has also been targeted in previous years.

Recreational catches of Eastern School Whiting are generally low, and this species is not an important target for the recreational fishery. Estimates of recreational catch have fluctuated between approximately 10-50% of commercial catch.

Danish seine fishing effort and CPUE for Eastern School Whiting have been variable over time.

The full 2021/22 Scalefish Assessment, released March 2024, can be found at the link:

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