Giant Crab

Giant Crab

Pseudocarcinus gigas (Giant Crab)

Giant Crab have been trapped by Tasmanian fishers since at least the 1870’s. However, in the 1992/93 season the Tasmanian Giant Crab Fishery increased commercial operations when live export markets to Melbourne, Sydney and Asia were established. While once considered a by-product by commercial fishers, the establishment of the new live product supply chains prompted Giant Crab catches to peak at a record high of 291 tonnes in the 1994/95 fishing season. Since then catches and biomass of Giant Crab have continuously declined and management controls, guided by the scientific advice of IMAS researchers, have been implemented that aim to increase biomass, catch rates and profitability. The annual harvest is comparatively smaller than other major fisheries, but yields a high landed value.

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