Australian Sardine Catch, Effort & CPUE

Catch, Effort and CPUE

Historically, this species has constituted a minor and sporadic component of the scalefish fishery, with peak catches of 15.4 t recorded in 1997/98, 14.5 t in 2008/09, and 33.3 t in 2016/17, which were interspersed among years of little or no catch and effort. These peak catches were largely derived from purse seine records. The earlier peak catches largely reflect incidental take of Australian Sardine by fishers targeting other small pelagic fishes (e.g., Redbait). Targeted fishing activity for the species under a developmental fishery permit commenced in 2016/17, with fishing activity in recent years based around the north coast, primarily the northeast coast.

The full 2021/22 Scalefish Assessment, released March 2024, can be found at the link:

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