Scalefish Tiger Flathead Biology


SpeciesPlatycephalus richardsoni
Common NameTiger Flathead
HabitatExposed sand and silt
Depth10 – 400 m (Edgar, 2008; Tilzey et al., 1990)
DistributionVictoria to New South Wales, around Tasmania (Edgar, 2008; Gomon et al., 2008)
DietFish (Coleman and Mobley, 1984)
Stock StructureNo information available
MovementYoung inhabit shallow waters of the continental shelf and move into the outer shelf as they reach maturity (Kailola et al., 1993; Jordan et al., 1998)
M (Natural Mortality)0.21 – 0.46 (Klaer, 2010)
Maximum Age (years)12 (Rowling, 1994; Bani, 2005)
Maximum Length (total length; cm)65 (Edgar, 2008; Gomon et al., 2008)
Maximum Weight (g)2900 (Edgar, 2008; Gomon et al., 2008)
Female K (von Bertalanffy growth parameter)0.13
Male K (von Bertalanffy growth parameter)0.26
Female t0 (age (years) when length = 0)-1
Male t0 (age (years) when length = 0)-1
Female L∞ (asymptotic von Bertalanffy length (total length; cm))75.02
Male L∞ (asymptotic von Bertalanffy length (total length; cm))41.89
Length (TL; total length (mm)) – Weight (W; g) RelationshipW=3.25 x 10^(-6)TL^3.13 (Barnes et al., 2011)
Size at Maturity (total length (cm) at sexual maturity)30 (females), 36 (males)
Age at Maturity (age (years) at sexual maturity)4-5 (Fairbridge, 1951)
Spawning SeasonDecember – February (Jordan, 2001b; Kailola et al., 1993)
RecruitmentNo-stock recruitment relationship established
Early Life HistoryUnknown (Jordan, 2001b)
Gillnet Post Release SurvivalModerate: 50% (all soak durations including both graball and mullet nets) (Lyle et al., 2014)
Rod and Line Post Release SurvivalHigh: >99% for circle hooks and 94-97% for conventional hooks (Lyle et al., 2007)