Snook Biology


SpeciesSphyraena novaehollandiae
Common NameSnook
HabitatExposed reef, sand, seagrass, and offshore waters
Depth≤ 20 m (Edgar, 2008)
DistributionWestern Australia to southern Queensland, northern Tasmania (Edgar, 2008)
DietFish (Scott and Glover, 1980; Coleman and Mobley, 1984)
Stock StructureNo information available
MovementHighly migratory species that often occurs in shoals of 50 or more individuals (Kailola et al., 1993)
M (Natural Mortality)0.24
Maximum Age (years)20 (Edgar, 2008; Kailola et al., 1993)
Maximum Length (total length; cm)1100 (Edgar, 2008; Kailola et al., 1993)
Maximum Weight (g)5600 (Edgar, 2008; Kailola et al., 1993)
Size at Maturity (length (total length; cm) at first maturity)42 (females), 40 (males)
Age at Maturity (age (years) at first maturity)2.5 (Bertoni, 1994)
Spawning SeasonOctober – January (assumed) (Kailola et al., 1993)