Octopus Gloomy

Gloomy Octopus

Octopus tetricus (Gloomy Octopus)


2022/23 Gloomy Octopus status

Stock Status Sustainable
Summary Gloomy Octopus may be at moderate risk of recruitment impairment in Tasmania, however annual catches remain low. A total of 10.6 t of Gloomy Octopus was landed commercially in 2022/23.
Stock Tasmanian Gloomy Octopus
Indicator(s) Catch; risk assessment of recruitment impairment.


Gloomy Octopus in Tasmania is a by-product species landed in small quantities by the Tasmanian Octopus Fishery in years when the fishery extends towards eastern Bass Strait. It is also apparently taken occasionally by the Southern Rock Lobster Fishery, although it is uncertain whether these species identification data are accurate, since records indicate landings of Gloomy Octopus well outside of its known range.

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