Australian Sardine MSC RBF Status

MSC-Risk-Based Framework Status

98: Pass – Low Risk

The Australian sardine fishery scored > 80 in the MSC-RBF analysis, passing assessment with low risk of stock damage. The Productivity Susceptibility Analysis showed this species to be highly productive, as a broadcast spawner with short generation time and high fecundity. Australian sardine is moderately susceptible to capture and damage by the fishery. Although fishing effort overlaps with < 10% of the stock distribution, there is a moderately high risk of fish encountering purse seine gear in the water column and the age-range of fishery independent samples indicate some immature fish are regularly caught. The fishery, however, is still under development. Therefore, time-series data assessed in the Consequence Analysis showed minimal impact on long-term recruitment capacity. This outcome is likely to change as the fishery is developed.

Productivity Attributes

Average age at maturity1
Average maximum age2
Average maximum size1
Average size at maturity1
Reproductive strategy1
Trophic level2

Susceptibility Attributes

Post-capture mortality3

Consequence Analysis

Vulnerable Subcomponent(s)Score

More information on the Marine Stewardship Council Risk-Based Framework (MSC-RBF) Methodology is available on our MSC-RBF Assessment page: