Octopus Pale CPUE

Commercial Catch Per Unit Effort (CPUE)

Catch per unit effort (CPUE), or catch rate of Pale Octopus from the Tasmanian Octopus Fishery (TOF) has been standardised relative to a reference year (2004/05). Since November 2004, a 50-pot sampling programme has been conducted within the TOF, where fishers are required to collect all octopus caught in 50 randomly selected pots from a single line, representing 10% of a standard commercial line. Biological data have been collected from these samples, and CPUE from the sampling programme included in the presentation of overall fishery CPUE. Note: 50-pot sampling data were not provided for 2019/20.

Given that Pale Octopus are known to seek pots for breeding and shelter and are likely to be targeted at breeding aggregation sites, there is a notable risk of hyperstable CPUE, whereby CPUE remains high despite potentially significant declines in the population size. Therefore, CPUE is not a reliable proxy for abundance in this fishery.

Since Pale Octopus catch and effort under developmental permits have been consistently negligible, these data are not presented here.