Bull Kelp Management

Fishery Management

The Bull Kelp fishery in Tasmania is managed by the state government under the Marine Plant Fishery. Most commercial harvest occurs on King Island and the west coast – Granville Harbour and the Northwest area. From mainland Tasmania, most Bull Kelp is harvested from the Northwest area.

Management SystemDescription
Fishing Method– Only beach-cast kelp may be harvested.
– No more than 50% of the total marine plants cast at a harvest location on any given day may be collected, regardless of the number of operators accessing kelp at that location on that day.
– Vehicle operations are restricted to existing tracks only and to below the high tide mark when on sandy beaches.
Fishing licencesAccess provided to holders of fishing licence (King Island kelp) or fishing licence (marine plant). On King Island, only three licences are issued – one fishing licence (King Island kelp) and two fishing licences (marine plant) – no more licences can be granted for King Island. In Granville Harbour, no more licences can be granted. The Northwest area is limited to eight fishing licences (marine plant) at any one time.
Management Method– Fishing licence (marine plant) allows the harvest of any cast native marine plants at locations where the licence holder is authorised to operate.
– Fishing licence (King Island kelp) allows the harvest of cast kelp on King Island.
Main MarketInternational (King Island kelp); Tasmania and mainland Australia (Granville Harbour and Northwest area kelp).

Details on the current management controls for the Tasmanian Marine Plant Fishery are provided on the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE, Tas) website at the link: