Southern Calamari Regulations


SpeciesSepioteuthis australis
Common NameSouthern Calamari
Main Commercial GearSquid Jig
Other GearPurse Seine, Beach Seine, Spear, Dipnet
Commercial Gear LicenceScalefish Fishing Licence, Class Seine Licences
Species LicenceSouthern Calamari Licence for Southeast Region
ClosuresTemporal Closure (mid-October to mid-November) of an area on the east coast; temporal closure (October) of entire north coast
Trip Limit10 individuals within 24hour period in southeast waters for Personal Fishing Licence holders (not for holders/operators of a Calamari or Danish Seine Licence); 15 individuals outside of southeast coast waters for holders of Rock Lobster Fishing Licence.
Recreational Possession Limit (Individuals)20
Recreational Bag Limit (Individuals)10
Main MarketLocal and interstate

Details on the current management controls for the Tasmanian Scalefish Fishery is provided on the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE, Tas) website at the link: